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Do you need Study Support?

I can help you.

Different clients have different needs, but we will make a plan of action together which is linked to your goals.

If you are a university student, these may include mnemonics for learning key words for your subject area, selecting your reading material, recording notes efficiently, planning essays, referencing and exam revision. For medical students you may want support with listening to instructions efficiently, or writing up records carefully.

The methods used will depend on your learning style:

  • visual (you remember spellings, words, and texts best with pictures or mindmaps),
  • auditory (you remember new words and spellings best by inventing little stories about them), or
  • kinesthetic (you like touching things, and moving or acting when studying).

Examples of study aids

Kinaesthetic teaching of spelling

We put the letters of a word a child can’t spell in the bag and they feel them. And take them out and then put the word together. Smaller correct height letters are available for older clients.

This is also useful for both children and adults who mix up the height of letters.

letter bag
letters from letter bag

Video showing the use of an Exam pen

Under certain circumstances an Exam pen is allowed in GCSE