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What happens during an assessment?

You should allow three – five hours for an assessment.

Breaks can be taken at any time; it is important that you are comfortable.

We start by discussing your responses to the questionnaire that you will have filled out and brought with you. Following that we will discuss what you find easy and difficult, and if English is not your first language we will need to spend a little time comparing any difficulties in your first language with your difficulties with English.

After that we will undertake some tasks that help to identify your strengths and weakness. You will not be surprised to find out that you will be asked to read, write and spell as part of this. Don’t worry about that – you only need to do your best and remember that everyone is good at some things but maybe not at others.

We also test your cognitive skills: short term memory, your awareness of sounds in English, and your speed of processing print. As the assessment progresses different tasks will be selected in order to help make a diagnosis.

You will pay the agreed fee by bank transfer/cheque/cash.