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“I am in my late forties. I had never had an assessment before, but have known I am dyslexic for a long time. Marion was very patient and reassuring, and gave me the test instructions clearly. She explained the results of dyslexia so that I understood. It’s not just about spelling, which I am not bad at as I have had a clerical job. It’s about short-term memory and taking in what you have just heard or read. She went into my background and in her report she highlighted the areas where I have difficulty such as in multi-tasking, and time management.”

AM, Bedford, 2015

“I was told I was dyslexic when I was nine years old, but I then moved and studied in an educational system where it wasn’t emphasised. I gave up my degree after one year because of the quantity of reading. I am now 40 years old, and I have been doing administrative work for a long time, so it was quite hard to tell I am dyslexic from my writing. Marion focussed particularly on the timed reading comprehension and did extra listening tests in order to reach a sound diagnosis. She wrote an extra set of recommendations for the workplace.”

CH, London, 2016

“My child and I arrived for the Dyslexia Assessment at Mrs Marion Colledge’s home on the 5th April 2017. We were instantly given a warm enthusiastic welcome and made to feel at ease. She is a knowledgeable lady, with a great understanding of different cultures.

Marion made the Assessment very interesting by giving my child the freedom to complete parts of the tests, sitting on the chaise longue or at the table. This is a great help when your child finds sitting still, for long periods of time very difficult.  She kept the whole assessment light hearted yet professional, allowing my child small breaks to play or to eat a snack. This played an important part in keeping my child who has a short attention span, happy, interested and willing to comply.

Since having the assessment my daughters school, are in the process of getting her a referral to a paediatrician to assess for Dyspraxia and teachers now have a greater understanding of her learning needs. We still have a long road ahead of us, and I feel without Marion’s help, we would never have progressed to where we are now

LC, Bedford, 2017